Universal Robots and MiR open new robotics hub in Denmark

ODENSE, DENMARK: Universal Robots and Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) have inaugurated their expansive new headquarters in Odense, Denmark. The 215,000 square-foot facility is poised to become a central hub for robotics innovation.

The grand opening event was attended by partners from the global ecosystems of both companies, including tech giants NVIDIA and Siemens. These partnerships are part of Teradyne Robotics’ recent collaborative ventures, aimed at advancing the field of robotics.

Ujjwal Kumar, Group President of Teradyne Robotics, expressed his enthusiasm for the milestone, stating, “The launch of this new headquarters is a pivotal moment for us. It represents the unification of two pioneering entities in robotics and provides an ideal environment for technological growth, which is already in high demand.”

Jean-Pierre Hathout, President of MiR, highlighted the headquarters’ role in fostering innovation. “Our new home is crafted to spur creativity and development of cutting-edge automation solutions. With our commitment to being a comprehensive solution provider for material handling, we’re excited to push the boundaries of our technology to serve our global customer base,” he said, referencing the newly launched AI-powered MiR1200 Pallet Jack as an example of their dedication.

Kim Povlsen, President of Universal Robots, reflected on the company’s journey and its future. “Universal Robots has grown to be a preferred platform for numerous customers and partners. This architectural marvel not only embodies our strong design ethos but also serves as the perfect venue for our ongoing mission to democratize automation globally,” he remarked.

The event also featured a panel discussion on the transformative power of advanced automation, with Deepu Talla from NVIDIA, Rainer Brehm from Siemens, and Ujjwal Kumar from Teradyne Robotics. The conversation centered around the application of physical AI in various industries and its potential to revolutionize business operations and workspaces. The new headquarters is set to be a beacon of innovation, driving the future of automation and robotics.

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