The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)

The Australian Securities Exchange today is Australia’s primary securities exchange. It is owned and operated by ASX Limited, with the exchange also commonly referred to as the ASX. While the exchange and the operating companies are separate, they are often considered synonymous due to the complex interrelated nature.

Security exchanges in Australia began in the 1800s with state-based stock markets. The Australian Stock Exchange was born on 1 April 1987, incorporated under legislation of the Australian Parliament as an amalgamation of the six state securities exchanges. It merged with the Sydney Futures Exchange in 2006 to become The Australian Securities Exchange. From 2010, Australian Securities Exchange Limited became known as ASX Limited.

A variety of asset classes and services are available. Amongst others, the exchange offers shares, debt securities, derivatives and commodities.

The company provides trading, settlement, clearing and listing services. ASX Limited as a group entity maintains many whole owned subsidiaries, which have different roles within the group. ASX Limited and Australian Securities Exchange Limited are licensed to operate financial markets while ASX Clear, ASX Clear (Futures), Austraclear Limited and ASX Settlement Pty Limited are licensed to operate clearing and settlement facilities. In its 2020 Annual Report to shareholders, ASX Limited stated it was a ‘top 10 global securities exchange by value and the largest interest rate derivatives market in Asia.’  

Location:              Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Founded:            1 April 1987; 33 years ago

Owner:                 ASX Limited

Currency:            Australian dollar


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