BrainChip and MYWAI team up to deliver Edge AI solutions for industry and robotics

BrainChip Holdings Ltd, a pioneer in neuromorphic AI technology, and MYWAI, a leading AIoT solution provider in the EU, have announced a strategic partnership to deliver cutting-edge Edge AI solutions for various industrial and robotic sectors.

The solutions will use BrainChip’s Akida, a low-power, high-performance AI chip that learns from sensor data, and MYWAI’s EaaS platform, which handles multimodal data processing, MLOps workflows, and DLT certification for trustworthy AI.

The partnership aims to accelerate the adoption of Edge AI, which enables AI to run on the devices themselves, rather than on the cloud, resulting in faster, more efficient, and more secure outcomes. The partners will focus on developing and delivering robotic solutions for manufacturing, logistics, energy management and healthcare.

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