Globant launches Robotics Studio to revolutionize business automation

SAN FRANCISCO: Globant (NYSE: GLOB), the company at the forefront of digital innovation, has announced the launch of its Robotics Studio, a new division dedicated to transforming businesses with cutting-edge robotic solutions.

Agustín Huerta, the Senior Vice President of Digital Innovation at Globant, emphasized the transformative power of robotics in today’s industry. “Robotics is no longer just a trend. It’s become a critical tool for handling tasks that are too dangerous, repetitive, or complex for humans,” he said.

“By integrating robotics with the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and process optimizations, we’re able to automate on a grand scale, bridging the gap between the dynamic physical world and the adaptable digital realm.”

The Robotics Studio is set to offer a suite of innovative services:

  • RobOps: A strategic approach to managing robot fleets, designed to prevent downtime and delays, with specialized teams to integrate and optimize robotic systems within organizations.
  • Robotics Prototyping: A collaborative effort with industry specialists in logistics, hospitality, and healthcare to create transformative autonomous robots and systems.
  • Autonomous Machines: Leveraging industry insights to power autonomous systems with advanced computer vision and telemetry, backed by Globant’s extensive software and firmware development expertise.

Diego Tartara, Globant’s Chief Technology Officer, outlined the studio’s mission. “We’re focusing on the careful selection, integration, and customization of robots to develop sophisticated autonomous systems,” Tartara explained.

“Our partnerships with global industry leaders enable us to stay ahead of the curve, constantly adapting to the digital landscape and redefining what’s possible, giving our clients a competitive advantage in a rapidly changing market.”

The Robotics Studio joins other innovative divisions like the Immersive Experiences Studio, the IoT Studio, and the Blockchain Studio, all part of Globant’s Digital Studio Network. This network is Globant’s commitment to leveraging disruptive technologies to position businesses at the vanguard of their respective industries.

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