Talis Group has acquired Aston institute of computer science and cybersecurity

PARIS: Talis Group has officially acquired Aston, a renowned institution for computer science and cybersecurity training.

This acquisition, effective from March 20, 2024, marks a significant expansion for Talis Group, which already educates nearly 8,000 students across various professional programs.

Aston, established in 2005, has been at the forefront of providing specialized training in digital professions. With nearly 900 students and campuses in Arcueil, Lille, and Paris, Aston’s integration into the Talis Group is expected to enhance the group’s local presence, particularly in Lille and Paris.

Yves Hinnekint, President of Talis Group, expressed enthusiasm for the merger, citing the complementary nature of both institutions’ training programs and their shared commitment to student success. Jean-François Castelluccia, leading the management team at Aston, highlighted the potential for commercial and operational synergies that the new alliance would bring.

The acquisition is part of Talis Group’s broader ‘buy & build’ strategy, which aims to diversify its training offerings and expand its geographical footprint. This approach has been in motion since IDI’s capital investment in 2021 and has seen the group grow through several strategic mergers.

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