CrowdStrike and Ignition Technology join forces to boost UK cybersecurity

CrowdStrike, a leading cybersecurity company, has partnered with Ignition Technology, a specialist SaaS cybersecurity distributor, to expand its presence in the UK market.

The partnership will enable Ignition Technology to offer the AI-native CrowdStrike XDR Falcon platform, which can stop cyberattacks, to its network of solution providers and customers. Ignition Technology will also leverage its expertise in go-to-market strategy, channel development, and sales to create new opportunities and accelerate growth for CrowdStrike.

The partnership comes after CrowdStrike announced that it surpassed $1 billion in AWS Marketplace sales and that Optiv became its first partner to reach $1 billion in sales of the Falcon platform. Both CrowdStrike and Ignition Technology expressed their excitement and commitment to work together to bring the best cloud and SaaS cybersecurity solutions to the UK.

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