Barbora Polska ceases operations in Poland

“Barbora Polska” Sp. z o. o., providing home food delivery service in Tricity, Warsaw, Katowice, and Lodz in Poland, is ceasing its operations. It is planned that “Barbora” services will be provided until March 3.

According to the statement of Viktoras Juozapaitis, the director of RADAS, UAB, which controls the company “Barbora Polska“, the decision was influenced by the slowly growing demand: “In response to the sharply increased demand for home food delivery during the pandemic period, “Barbora Polska“ was established.

However, after the end of the pandemic, the growth of demand for these services slowed significantly. The market growth pace in recent years did not meet our expectations, therefore, at this stage, the decision was made to discontinue Barbora’s operations in Poland and focus on activities in the Baltic states.”

“Barbora Polska” aims for the smooth completion of all operations. All dismissed employees will be settled in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, receiving their due compensations. All taxes owed will be paid to the state.

The company RADAS, UAB, which owns the food e-shop “Barbora,” will continue its operations in three Baltic States – Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. The largest e-grocery and everyday goods store in the Baltic States, “Barbora,” has been delivering food to homes in Lithuania for ten years since 2014, and in Latvia and Estonia since 2018.

RADAS, UAB, is part of MAXIMA GRUPĖ, which operates retail chains “Maxima” in the Baltic States, “T-Market” in Bulgaria, and “Stokrotka” in Poland. Poland remains one of the main directions for development, where in 2023 the retail network expanded by about 60 stores. “Stokrotka” also provides food delivery services, which are planned to continue being provided in Poland.

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