Magnit launches own delivery from its hypermarkets

Magnit launches own delivery from its hypermarkets

KRASNODAR: Magnit PJSC, one of Russia’s leading retailers, launches its own delivery service from hypermarkets.

The Company is expanding the pilot of its own delivery service, adding new locations and store formats. The service can now deliver products from hypermarkets in Krasnodar. Orders are delivered within three hours; customers can also reserve a later delivery time.

Magnit began piloting of delivery from big boxes in its home city, Krasnodar. Customers can order 25,000 SKUs from goods categories allowed for sale online: fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy, dry foods, juices and water, tea, coffee, detergents, care products and other.

Magnit Dostavka [Magnit Delivery] app and website offer flexible terms with convenient delivery hours. The service allows customers to receive their orders within three hours or book delivery on a certain time in the next two days.

The cost of delivery ranges from 0 to 199 rubles depending on the order amount. Customers can pay for their purchases in a way that is more convenient for them, either online or upon delivery, and take advantage of the “partial purchase” option that allows them to not buy the products they don’t need anymore. The prices and discounts offered through the online service are on par with what the Company has in its brick-and-mortar stores.

Shortly, Magnit plans to connect its e-commerce platform to the single loyalty program allowing accrual and redemption of bonuses for online purchases.

The project was launched in cooperation with Yandex.Eda. Delivery from hypermarkets represents a new but very promising area for both partners as covers stock-up shopping mission with high tickets. The Krasnodar pilot will enable Magnit and Yandex.Eda to quickly establish proper operational procedures to allow rolling out the service in other regions in the nearest future.

Previously, Magnit launched its own express service to deliver products from convenience stores in Moscow, available to residents of all districts within MKAD. The Company is also developing its own service in the non-food segment and continues to pilot its e-pharmacy in Moscow.

“We’re expanding our omnichannel services to cover all customer missions in e-commerce, be it a quick top-up with everyday items or a large stock-up in the case of delivery from hypermarkets. Our goal is to create an ecosystem of digital services that would allow customers to satisfy the maximum number of their needs within Magnit’s perimeter,” – commented Florian Jansen, Deputy CEO – Executive Director at Magnit.

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