Solocal Group appoints Cédric Dugardin as Chief Executive Officer

PARIS, FRANCE: The Board of Directors of Solocal Group has decided to appoint Cédric Dugardin as Chief Executive Officer. He will succeed Hervé Milcent who will leave the Group on 21 November 2023. Cédric Dugardin, member of the Bord of Directors of the Group since June 2023, will keep this function.

Philippe Mellier, chairman of the Board of Directors said: « The Board of Directors sincerely thanks Hervé Milcent for the work he has accomplished over the past few years.

The Board of Directors naturally chose Cédric Dugardin, due to his knowledge of the Group and his ability to evolve in complex and transition situations. He will continue the discussions with financial creditors, analyze the different options in the interest of the Group and will initiate new momentum.

Cédric Dugardin said, “I am very honored by the trust placed in me. I will work with all stakeholders to shape a sustainable future for Solocal. I am aware of the challenges and the responsibility that will be ours in the months to come”.

The Group specifies that this appointment is independent of the discussions currently taking place with its financial creditors.

Specializing in business recovery, crisis management, restructuring and transformation, Cédric Dugardin worked in various sectors of activity and in particularly complex environments.

After starting his career at PwC then Seita-Altadis, he successfully completed, among other things, the turnaround of Quick, the restructuring of Conforama and, more recently, the liquidation of the Presstalis group, allowing the takeover of its assets by France Messagerie, which he led until January 2021.

He then led the transformation of the APST, the first guarantor French travel operators then supported the Salaün tourism group in its financial restructuring. Since September 2022, he headed the Eugène Perma group, an emblematic French cosmetics company.

Composition of Solocal Executive Committee:

• Cédric Dugardin, Chief Executive Officer

• Quentin Mazurier, Sales Director

• Olivier Regnard, Chief Financial Officer

• Stéphanie Zeppa, Chief Technology Officer

• Stéphane Monat, Marketing, Products and Media Director

• Jean-Charles Rebours, Director of Human Resources

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