e-therapeutics signs strategic collaboration with Arcturis Data Limited

LONDON, UK: e-therapeutics plc announced a strategic collaboration with Arcturis Data Limited, a UK data company with a high quality and enriched real-world data platform.

The companies will integrate Arcturis’ Real-World Evidence (RWE), which utilises a platform comprised of high quality, clinically-rich real-world data, and analytical expertise derived from their unique access to anonymised patient data with e-therapeutics’ computational biology platform, HepNet™.

The collaboration will focus on delivering novel insights to support innovative therapies for patients with metabolic dysfunction and associated fatty liver disease, including nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH).

Arcturis’ RWE outputs will be analysed by e-therapeutics using HepNet™, its proprietary suite of artificial intelligence (AI)-driven algorithms and hepatocyte-centric data sources, to drive the discovery and development of innovative RNAi medicines for the treatment of NASH and related disorders. Under the terms of the agreement, e-therapeutics will have exclusive rights to nominate novel gene targets derived from the collaboration to prosecute genetic medicines using its GalOmic™ RNAi platform.

Ali Mortazavi, Chief Executive Officer of e-therapeutics, commented: “This is an important strategic collaboration which enables us to access real-world insights generated from patient data including electronic health records, imaging and biomarker data, and integrate these insights into HepNet™. This effort complements ongoing work at e-therapeutics in metabolic diseases, and we believe that the collaboration will unveil unique insights into the biological mechanisms driving NASH that we can target to deliver effective RNAi medicines to patients.”

Alex Snow, Chief Executive Officer of Arcturis, said: “We are delighted to start this collaboration with e-therapeutics. The Arcturis analytics platform derives evidence from anonymised and highly curated longitudinal and granular health data and we are excited to integrate these real-world insights with HepNet™, to deliver powerful findings that may lead to novel and innovative RNAi medicines.”

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