e-therapeutics appoints Ali Mortazavi as Chief Executive Officer

OXFORD: e-therapeutics plc has announced the appointment of Ali Mortazavi as Chief Executive Officer. He will also retain his position as Chairman of the Company. The Board currently consists of one Executive Director and two Non-Executive Directors.

Professor Trevor Jones CBE, Non-Executive Director of e-therapeutics plc commented: “Since his appointment in February, Ali has re-energised the Company and, importantly, played a significant role in restructuring the portfolio; including the establishment of a research programme on RNAi …a key area for important new therapies for a number of major diseases. We are delighted that in addition to his role as Chairman he has accepted our invitation to lead the team as Chief Executive Officer.”

Ali Mortazavi, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of e-therapeutics plc said: “Rarely does an opportunity arise to lead a company in an entirely new and burgeoning sector. I believe that e-therapeutics has established a key position among the small vanguard of companies across the globe applying computational biology to drug discovery. Our ambition is to take advantage of our momentum to become a major force at this intersection of technology and life sciences.”

e-therapeutics plc is an Oxford, UK-based company with a powerful computer-based approach to drug discovery, founded on its industry-leading expertise in network biology to fully capture disease complexity. The Company combines network science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, statistics and access to big data with expertise in drug discovery and development to transform the search for new medicines and intervention strategies.

e-therapeutics has developed an in silico laboratory that enables the rapid screening of millions of compounds and the identification of small sub-sets that are enriched for highly active hits. Its proprietary platform also has novel applications in functional genomics, being able to analyse complex genetic datasets, provide a deep understanding of pathological mechanisms and distil actionable insights for the discovery of novel drugs, biomarkers and diagnostics.

e-therapeutics has deployed and validated its disease-agnostic drug discovery platform both in house and with partners, including Novo Nordisk, Galapagos NV and a US-based, top 5 pharmaceutical company.

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