4 Marketing Lessons You Can Learn from the Entertainment Industry

Marketing is a business area that aims to influence the purchasing decisions and consumer behaviour of potential customers. This area, therefore, includes advertising in all its forms, building the company as its own brand and shaping as well as controlling the sales market.


In almost every area of everyday life, we encounter the marketing concepts of large and influential companies. Whether it is neon signs, motorway advertising or commercials on television and radio. It is all about reaching the target group, staying in mind through a distinctive concept and influencing the behaviour of those who perceive it.

However, a sophisticated marketing strategy can not only be found in large fast food companies, TV channels or different popular products. Over the years, the gaming industry has also developed professional and targeted techniques to market their respective offers and attract new customers.

Today, we want to reveal to you the 4 best marketing tricks of big gambling companies and show what makes these promotions so special. In doing so, we will look at the following points:

  • Giveaways
  • Cognitive bias
  • Advertisers
  • Service and darkening of the room


Giveaways are probably the most common strategy used in the gambling industry. Most online casinos advertise great bonus offers that are only valid for a short period of time and thus manage to reach many new customers quickly.

Bonus offers


A casino simply promises that if you take a certain action, for example, deposit money, play a certain number of rounds or invite friends, you will be credited with extra bonuses that you can then use quite freely for your personal purposes. Of course, no one misses out on that! If there really is something free that you can get by doing what you do anyway, most players really go for it.

As a result, users play more games than they otherwise would, deposit more money and are generally active in the casino for longer. Of course, this benefits the operator, because the more people play and at the same time go beyond their actual betting limit, the more turnover the gaming portal can record. Due to the higher turnover, the casino can easily afford to pay out small bonuses, and the players thereby even gain more trust in the gaming platform, which is willing to reward its customers twice.

Loyalty points

The loyalty points system, which you can take advantage of on many platforms such as Slotozen Casino, pursues a similar goal. Here the aim is to motivate existing players to show more commitment, carry out certain actions and deposit money. For this purpose, the player is simply lured by the fact that he or she is credited with a certain number of loyalty points for each action, which of course, also benefits the casino. These points can then be used to participate in bonus events, buy limited merchandise, or have the points converted into funds that the player can then use to enjoy games.

And that’s not all: as a rule, the more loyalty points the player collects, the better bonuses he or she can pick up and benefit from even more great advantages. As a result, users always stay motivated to keep playing and climb the ladder of loyalty points. In addition, the customer is thus less likely to change a casino to avoid losing all the advantages.

Welcome offers

Who hasn’t heard of it? The concept of welcome gifts is certainly something that everyone who has looked around for an online casino has come across. One provider advertises that you will be credited with more than 500 cash bonuses when you register, and another provider promises free spins or limited slot machines if you register within a certain period of time. This principle of reward is used in many areas of marketing, even outside the gambling industry. Time-limited offers trigger a certain desire and fear in consumers to miss out on benefits. Scientists describe this strategy as the “scarcity principle”.

Such welcome gifts thus lead to the fact that people who were previously not at all sure whether they wanted to register at a new casino are encouraged to do so as quickly as possible before the great bonus offer expires. In this way, many psychological mechanisms that would actually prevent a person from taking up such an offer are bypassed as well as eliminated, and the probability that the individual player will make a new registration increases significantly.

Cognitive bias

Cognitive bias is a collective term for a faulty tendency in perception that causes people to completely misperceive a stimulus based on an experience or expectation. Many casinos take advantage of this bias by, for example, triggering win alarms, using certain animations in a targeted manner or creating the illusion that the player has a real influence on the outcome of the game. All these techniques are used to make us think that it is more likely to win than it actually is in reality.

Ultimately, such a distortion leads players to be willing to exceed their betting limits as well as deposit higher amounts of money, thinking that the big win is only a few spins away from them.

Below there will be a small example that will surely sound familiar to you.

The win alert

You are sitting in the casino, playing on your machine, and suddenly, a shrill noise sounds next to you, indicating that someone has won here! However, this alarm is not directed at the player who has won, as you might think, but at everyone around. This alarm triggers the so-called availability error.

In the end, this means that every player who notices this alarm considers his or her chances of winning to be significantly higher. This is why visitors are more likely to exceed their betting limits or to play more rounds than they actually wanted to.

Famous advertisers

This strategy may also be familiar to you from other industries, such as the clothing industry. Celebrities appear in front of the cameras and tell how wonderful they think the services and offers of a certain company are. This is a marketing trick. By securing celebrity endorsements, big companies suggest to customers that the offer must be extraordinarily good if it is even used by celebrities who, due to their financial means, have a free choice between all available providers.

This trick has also been used by the gambling industry on many occasions. Whether it is famous streamers who share their gambling experience and winnings live on the internet, suggesting that it would be easy to rake in cash winnings. Or whether it is top footballers who tell how much they enjoy gambling and stand with their faces for a certain brand. The effect is the same: the potential customer builds trust and puts aside doubts.

Service and darkened windows in local casinos

The fact that you can get cheap food and drink in local casinos is a great thing. You can easily spend an entire evening in the gambling hall and not even have to leave it to fortify yourself for the next deposit. So the stay in the casino quickly becomes an all-day experience. This is great for the player, of course, because he can continue playing the whole time and is even provided with relatively cheap food and tasty drinks. But there is also an ingenious marketing measure behind this promotion.

As long as players do not have to leave the machine when they get hungry or feel like having an ice-cold drink, they do not even have the idea of interrupting the game flow. This ensures that visitors will stay longer in the casino on average and put more money into games.

Conclusion: casino marketing lessons

There is huge competition and rivalry in the gambling industry. That’s why every provider naturally tries to give the best offers, to entice with bonuses or to outdo the competitors with advertising that is as original as possible. Such promotions lead to the customer gaining confidence, lowering his or her inhibition threshold to sign up and ultimately being willing to put in more money to finally win big.

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