LinkedIn launches generative AI tool to write ad copy

LinkedIn, the professional networking platform owned by Microsoft, has introduced a new generative AI tool called AI Copy Suggestions to automate the writing process for ad campaigns on its platform.

This latest addition to LinkedIn’s AI-driven features aims to assist users in generating introductory text and headlines for their ads. By leveraging data from the LinkedIn platform, the tool ensures relevance while still offering users the flexibility to make any necessary modifications to align the content with their brand language.

Using OpenAI’s GPT models, LinkedIn integrates AI capabilities into its campaign manager. Users will have the option to enable copy suggestions for the ads they plan to post. Once enabled, when users begin drafting content for their ad, they will be presented with pre-written and relevant options to choose from. These suggestions are generated based on insights from the user’s brand page on LinkedIn, as well as campaign manager settings such as objectives, targeting criteria, and audience. The tool provides multiple introductory text options and up to five headlines for the ad campaign.

Users have the flexibility to accept a suggestion as is or review and edit it according to their marketing strategy and brand language. However, LinkedIn emphasizes that the posting party is ultimately responsible for the content of the ad, even if it is AI-generated. The AI Copy Suggestions feature is gradually rolling out to LinkedIn users, adding to the platform’s existing AI tools for collaborative articles, job descriptions, and personalized writing suggestions for LinkedIn profiles.

With this new AI-driven capability, LinkedIn aims to streamline the ad creation process, save time for marketers, and help them create more impactful and engaging ad campaigns on its platform.

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