Infosys launches Topaz, a suite of generative AI solutions

Infosys launches Topaz

Bangalore, India: Infosys, a leading digital services and consulting firm, has launched Infosys Topaz, a comprehensive suite of AI-centric services, solutions and platforms driven by generative AI technologies.

The company said that Topaz will help unlock the potential of individuals, enterprises and communities to foster innovation and attain next-gen value generation.

Topaz is a suite of generative AI tools that combines the capabilities of Infosys Cobalt cloud and data analytics. It enables businesses to harness AI and cognitive solutions for various use cases across industries and domains. It also offers pre-built industry solutions and a repository of over 12,000 AI use cases for fast adoption of AI and cognitive technologies.

The company said that Topaz democratizes data and intelligence, empowering a broader range of stakeholders to create disruptive business models with AI-led products, services and revenue streams. Topaz achieves this with a network of over 100 industry partnerships in diverse sectors.

Topaz has helped businesses accelerate growth and create value through its AI-first approach by helping them adopt open-source large language models to build narrow transformers that will solve a particular problem in the enterprise.

The company presented two case studies of how Topaz has helped its clients in different sectors. One was a British bank that needed to digitize, refine and store customer data in a searchable format to derive insights about complaint patterns, customer churn and customer experience. Using Topaz, Infosys created a Contact Center Intelligence solution that included conversational analytics, call intent prediction, agent performance analysis and sentiment analysis. The solution also automated and orchestrated over two thousand processes, reducing the time to complete them from weeks to near real-time.

Another case study was a telecom major that needed to future-proof its AI/ML architecture. The company aimed to construct a resilient, scalable and template-driven MLOps platform. Infosys implemented MLOps principles and blueprints for deploying different patterns, such as a real-time model-serving batch, using cloud-native principles.

The solution was highly portable, enabling deployment on-premises and across various cloud providers like Azure and GCP.

The result was a standardized and scalable platform, leading to a benefit of $1.8 million for the company’s field operations.

Infosys said that Topaz is part of its vision to become a leading provider of generative AI solutions that can transform businesses and societies. The company said that it will continue to invest in developing new capabilities and partnerships to deliver innovative and value-added solutions to its clients.

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