Adveritas announces first sale through Google Cloud Marketplace

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Adveritas Limited (ASX: AV1) announce its first sale of TrafficGuard through the Google Cloud Marketplace.

The first sale comprising a 12-month commitment of US$120,000 (circa A$170,000).

The TrafficGuard Pay Per Click (PPC) product was admitted to the Google Cloud Marketplace with marketing set to commence in the June 2022 quarter.

Since launching, TrafficGuard has received significant interest from large enterprises, largely from the direct promotion of the solution by Google Cloud’s Independent software vendors and Partner Sales teams to key Google Cloud Platform customers.

The Google Cloud Marketplace lets users quickly deploy value added software solutions like TrafficGuard that run on the Google Cloud Platform, bypassing the legal and procurement timelines usually experienced with enterprise level contracts.

Adveritas Ltd (ASX:AV1) creates innovative software solutions that leverage big
data to drive business performance.

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