Empire Diversified Energy and Heartland Water Technology announce renewable hydrogen project

FOLLANSBEE, West Virginia: Empire Diversified Energy and Heartland Water Technology have announced their collaboration with Empire Green Generation to establish a cutting-edge facility aimed at transforming food waste into renewable hydrogen and carbon.

This initiative is part of the Department of Energy’s Appalachian Regional Clean Hydrogen Hub (ARCH2) and marks a pivotal advancement in waste-to-hydrogen conversion technology.

The innovative project will integrate several key technical processes into a seamless operation. Initially, food waste will undergo anaerobic digestion to produce biogas and digestate. Following this, Heartland’s proprietary HelioStorm™ ultra-high temperature ionic gasifier will perform methane pyrolysis on the biogas, yielding clean hydrogen and sustainable carbon. Concurrently, the digestate will be processed through Heartland’s LTC Dry™ and HelioStorm™ gasifiers to generate an ultra-pure, tar-free synthesis gas, which will then be utilized to create clean energy. This energy will power the entire conversion system, thereby minimizing dependence on traditional power grids and fossil fuels.

Chris Beaufait, CEO of Heartland, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “This venture is not just a testament to our commitment to redefining waste management but also highlights the essential role of renewable hydrogen in fostering a sustainable, circular economy. Hydrogen serves as a fundamental element in our pursuit of sustainability, offering a viable solution to decarbonize various industries and invigorate communities in an eco-friendly way.”

Bernard Brown, COO of Empire, further emphasized the significance of the ARCH2 hydrogen hub as a beacon of innovation within the renewable energy landscape. “By capitalizing on this hub as a central platform for collaboration and development, we aim to showcase the substantial environmental and economic benefits that strategic investments in decentralized hydrogen infrastructure can bring. The incorporation of Heartland’s HelioStorm™ technology is a game-changer, utilizing remarkably efficient methods to convert food waste into renewable hydrogen, thus advancing our hydrogen objectives.”

The food waste to energy project is slated to commence operations in the third quarter of 2025, setting a new standard for sustainable energy production and waste management solutions.

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