AdvoCare International appoints Christina Helwig as first female CEO

AdvoCare International , Christina Helwig, first female CEO ,

TEXAS: AdvoCare International, LLC, a leading omnichannel health and wellness company, has announced the promotion of Christina Helwig from Chief Marketing Officer to Chief Executive Officer. Helwig, who has been with the company for over a decade, has been instrumental in expanding the brand’s marketing strategies and distribution channels.

Christina Helwig expressed her excitement about her new role, stating, “I’m passionate about wellness and find purpose in helping people feel better about themselves. Leading our amazing teams into an innovative future with products I truly believe in is a thrilling opportunity.”

As AdvoCare’s first female CEO in its 31-year history, Helwig is set to drive the company’s growth through innovative strategies, an omnichannel approach, and broadening the audience reach. Her focus will be on fortifying the brand’s presence, growing the customer base, and exploring new market opportunities.

Christina Helwig’s recent initiatives include spearheading strategic business transformation projects, establishing AdvoCare as a dynamic omnichannel brand. She has earned the trust of the company’s team, distributors, and employees, and is committed to upholding and celebrating AdvoCare’s core values during her leadership.

A University of Texas at Austin alumna, Helwig’s previous experience includes roles with the Dallas Cowboys and Legends Hospitality. AdvoCare, known for its commitment to wellness since 1993, continues to serve health-conscious consumers with products designed for energy, hydration, immunity, and gut health, including the popular Spark® line.

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