handdii Holdings receives investment from Johns Lyng Group

LOS ANGELES – In a landmark move for the property insurance sector, handdii Holdings Inc., a trailblazer in digital property claims management, has announced a significant strategic investment from Johns Lyng Group (JLG). This collaboration heralds a new era in insurance property repair, responding to the industry’s call for reliable and high-quality service providers.

As insurance companies grapple with the dual challenges of escalating claims costs and the need for quality construction services, the U.S. market, valued at $100 billion, is rapidly pivoting to managed repair services.

handdii stands at the forefront of this shift with its innovative digital platform that not only refines the claims process for policyholders but also ensures cost-effectiveness for insurers. The platform’s extensive network of local contractors covers 38 states, offering unparalleled peace of mind.

Since its establishment in the U.S. market in 2019 through the acquisition of Steamatic Inc., JLG has been on an expansion spree, further bolstered by the 2021 acquisition of Reconstruction Experts. Today, JLG boasts a formidable presence with 33 business partners across 51 locations in 5 states and an ever-expanding affiliate network.

The strategic partnership between handdii and JLG is set to double their combined contractor workforce, significantly enhancing service capabilities. handdii will leverage JLG’s resources and support to broaden its operational footprint and enrich its service offerings in the fiercely competitive U.S. market. Concurrently, JLG will utilize its expertise in restoration and construction to foster regional growth and development.

Christie Downs, CEO & Co-Founder of handdii, expressed enthusiasm about the alliance, stating, “We are thrilled to forge this strategic alliance with Johns Lyng Group. This investment is not just a synergy of our core competencies but also a testament to our mutual dedication to fostering innovation and progress in the property insurance claims domain.”

Together, Johns Lyng Group and handdii are poised to accelerate their growth, deliver superior services, and cement their standing in the market.

handdii’s proprietary digital platform offers a seamless repair network solution to the insurance industry, optimizing property claims management. The platform bridges the gap between insurance firms and their clients, harnessing a vetted network of local contractors.

With a focus on controlling costs and timelines, handdii ensures transparency throughout the repair process, culminating in a satisfying experience for all stakeholders. Operating across the United States and Australia since 2019, handdii collaborates with leading and regional insurers alike, setting new standards in the industry.

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