Humanaut Health raises $8.7 million seed investment

AUSTIN, Texas: Humanaut Health has successfully secured an $8.7 million seed investment. The funding round was spearheaded by The Kabech Fund and saw active participation from Midnight Venture Partners, along with the company’s founders and other key individual investors.

The influx of capital is set to bolster the development of Humanaut Health’s innovative care model, which integrates regenerative, hormone, and lifestyle medicine services.

Additionally, the investment will fuel the company’s strategic plan to roll out membership-based clinics across major markets in the United States.

Jim Donnelly, Co-Founder and CEO of Humanaut Health, expressed his excitement about the diverse and talented group of investors attracted by this funding round.

“This investment is a leap forward for Humanaut Health, setting us on a path to become the premier nationwide provider of health optimization services,” said Donnelly.

Paul A. Pagnato, Chairman of Humanaut Health, highlighted the oversubscription of the funding round as evidence of the growing demand for accessible longevity medical services.

“Our mission is to scale health optimization, which we believe will have a profound impact not just on our members, but also on their communities and society at large,” Pagnato stated.

With a commitment to enhancing the quality of life, Humanaut Health adopts a comprehensive approach to health and longevity.

The clinic’s offerings encompass thorough health assessments, preventative care, symptom management, and personalized coaching, all delivered through an exclusive membership model.

The new funds are earmarked for enhancing clinic quality, expanding digital health services, and developing franchise expansion strategies.

The founding team of Humanaut Health is composed of seasoned entrepreneurs and medical experts, including CEO Jim Donnelly, Paul A. Pagnato, Amy Killen MD, Harry Adelson ND, Tony Cheng, Elliot Karathanasis, and Trey Owen.

Their collective experience and success in previous ventures, such as Restore Hyper Wellness, Archway Health, PagnatoKarp, and United Fitness Partners (UFP), have generated billions in exit value.

Dr. Amy Killen, Chief Medical Officer at Humanaut Health, emphasized the company’s philosophy: “We aim to not only extend life but to enrich it. Our medical teams are dedicated to providing cutting-edge care that is deeply rooted in advanced science, integrative medicine, and tailored support.”

Humanaut Health is set to launch its concierge medicine services in early summer, with plans to inaugurate its first membership-based clinic in Austin, Texas, by the end of 2024.

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