Nathalie Boulas Nilsson appointed new President and CEO of Humana

Nathalie Boulas Nilsson appointed new President and CEO of Humana

Stockholm: The Board of Humana has appointed Nathalie Boulas Nilsson as the new President and CEO of Humana AB. Nathalie Boulas Nilsson will also assume the role of Country Manager for the Swedish organisation. Nathalie will take office on July 22, 2024, in connection with when the resigned President and CEO Johanna Rastad leaves the company.

Nathalie Boulas Nilsson will succeed Johanna Rastad in the role of President, CEO and Country Manager for Humana Sweden. Nathalie has extensive experience from various roles in the healthcare and social care industry, most recently in the roles of CEO of Norlandia Care and CEO of Frösunda, companies that have operations in areas such as personal assistance, disability/LSS, schools and elderly care.

Prior to that, she has held roles such as Country Manager for Norlandia Health and Care Group and Chief Operating Officer for Tema Cancer at Karolinska University Hospital, as well as CEO of the real estate company Locum AB. Nathalie has almost 20 years of experience in the healthcare and care industry.

Nathalie Boulas Nilsson holds a master’s degree from the Stockholm School of Economics.

“I am pleased to be able to present Nathalie Boulas Nilsson as the new President and CEO. Nathalie is an experienced and strong leader and has extensive experience from the care industry, but also from other industries. Her leadership will continue to strengthen Humana’s position as a leading player in Nordic care and contribute to a better everyday life for our customers,” says Anders Nyberg, Chairman of the Board at Humana. 

“I look forward to continuing Humana’s good work to ensure that people’s everyday lives are better and that we as a company will continue to contribute to positive development and impact in society,” says Nathalie Boulas Nilsson, incoming President and CEO.

Humana is a leading Nordic care company providing services within individual and family care, personal assistance, elderly care and special service housing in accordance with LSS. Humana has 22,000 employees in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark providing care for approximately 10,000 individuals and working to achieve the vision “Everyone is entitled to a good life”. In 2023, Humana’s net revenue was SEK 9,638m. Humana is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and the company’s headquarters are located in Stockholm.

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