Imec.xpand launches €300 million fund to propel semiconductor and nanotech startups

Imec.xpand, an independent venture capital fund, has unveiled a new €300 million fund in collaboration with imec, a leading nanoelectronics R&D center. The fund aims to invest in startups with disruptive potential in semiconductors and nanotechnology, propelling innovations that are a decade ahead.

The fund’s global investments span various stages, targeting sectors like AI, ML, AR/VR, photonics, and life sciences. Tom Vanhoutte, partner at imec.xpand, emphasized the fund’s commitment to accelerating market entry for groundbreaking technologies and nurturing startups to lead technological advancements.

Since its inception in 2017, imec.xpand has garnered a strong investor base and invested in 23 companies, including two unicorns, raising nearly €1.5 billion. Its portfolio boasts companies like Celestial AI, PsiQuantum, and Swave Photonics, each pioneering in their fields.

Imec.xpand’s unique approach combines independent management, global reach, and a dedicated focus on semiconductors, distinguishing it in the venture capital landscape and supporting startups in the competitive semiconductor industry.

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