Ivy Fertility acquires Dallas IVF

Ivy Fertility has announced the acquisition of Dallas IVF, a top-tier fertility clinic renowned for its exceptional patient care in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Dallas IVF, celebrated for its innovative approach to reproductive technology and in-vitro fertilization (IVF), has been instrumental in assisting over 13,000 babies to be born since its inception in 1997. The clinic’s commitment to success is evident in its compassionate care, particularly for those who have faced unsuccessful IVF cycles or have been denied treatment elsewhere.

The acquisition is seen as a strategic alignment of values centered around patient care and inclusivity. “Exceptional compassion is the cornerstone of Dallas IVF’s mission,” stated Dr. Brian Barnett, Medical Director at Dallas IVF. “Joining hands with Ivy Fertility, which offers hope to families globally, allows us to be part of a larger network that echoes our dedication to helping families grow.”

Lisa Van Dolah, CEO of Ivy Fertility, expressed her enthusiasm about the new addition to their network. “The union with Dallas IVF reinforces our belief that compassion and advanced technology are the pillars of superior treatment. We are eager to extend our expert care to more aspiring parents, not just in Texas but worldwide.”

With this merger, Ivy Fertility’s network now boasts 52 reproductive endocrinologists across 27 locations in 9 states, promising to deliver world-class family-building services and furthering their mission to provide access to the finest fertility treatments available.

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