Finsight Group has acquired T-REX cloud-native platform

Finsight Group Inc., a financial technology company announced the acquisition of T-REX, a cloud-native platform engineered to accurately model and manage the most complex investments across private credit, structured credit, and project finance.

Along with the acquisition, FINSIGHT is excited to welcome Benjamin Cohen, T-REX Founder and CEO, Arad Shaiber, CTO, as well as key T-REX talent across the U.S. and Tel Aviv.

“Over the past decade, our team has been dedicated to solving the most complex data quality, integration, and modeling challenges across structured debt,” said Benjamin Cohen.

“Today marks an incredible leap forward in achieving those ends. Having known Leo and FINSIGHT for much of our journey, the T-REX platform, coupled with FINSIGHT’s unrivaled market penetration within structured finance, will enable the industry to deploy capital faster, more confidently, and with less risk.”

“FINSIGHT is tremendously grateful to Benji and Arad, as well as the broader T-REX management, employees, and Board of Directors, for the opportunity to acquire T-REX,” said Leo Efstathiou, CEO of FINSIGHT.

“For years, clients have asked us to deliver a viable and modern alternative collateral and cashflow engine, and with this acquisition, we will.”

“We are incredibly excited to share our vision on the consolidated entity with all of T-REX and FINSIGHT’s partners,” Efstathiou added.

“This acquisition will enable a more dynamic, more accessible, and more cost effective cashflow modeling solution than any available in the industry.”

The transaction closed on Wednesday, April 24, 2024

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