Huddlestock and HILI explore potential to support a new Norwegian fintech platform

OSLO: Huddlestock has today signed a letter of intent (LOI) with HILI, a Norwegian fintech start-up, to explore the utilization of its investment infrastructure in developing HILI’s new home ownership platform and the implementation of an alternative investment fund. The collaboration aligns with Huddlestock’s strategy of fostering client growth and being an active partner in contributing to the early-stage development of emerging fintech companies.

“Fintech start-ups represent a growing opportunity for Huddlestock, and we aim to be a solid long-term partner for companies that want to launch innovative new investment services. Our white-label technology and experienced development team enable accelerated time-to-market for customers,” says Leif Arnold Thomas, CEO of Huddlestock.

Huddlestock offers Investment-as-a-Service (IaaS) to wealth managers, investment platforms and fund companies at different stages of the company lifecycle. Mature companies typically have a larger established customer base and hold greater short-term revenue potential for Huddlestock than early-stage collaborations. However, gaining exposure to early-stage companies is a key enabler for growing long-term potential.

HILI is a new Norwegian fintech company that offers a two-sided platform for uniting homeowners and investors. On one side, the platform supports homeowners in navigating through life events, while on the other side, it gives investors exposure to residential real estate growth without the need for direct ownership in properties. HILI will be launched at the Norwegian Fintech Festival on 17 April 2024 in Bergen, and Huddlestock’s CEO will join the company on stage to present its technology to a wide range of fintech companies.

The intention of the LOI with HILI is to explore potential further agreements and technology development within the industry, enabling the build-up of a robust fintech platform for the Norwegian market. For Huddlestock, the LOI serves as proof-of-concept that its technology, competence and pricing model are appealing to the fintech start-up segment.

Thomas concludes: “Our revenue model is based on monthly licenses, assets under management and transaction fees. In other words, the success of start-ups could, over time, translate to success for us. Early engagement with emerging fintech companies is the first step to unlocking this market opportunity.”

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