Ofgem announces significant reduction in energy price cap

LONDON: Energy regulator Ofgem has today (Friday 23 February, 2024) announced a significant reduction of the energy price cap for the second quarter of 2024.

The price cap, which sets a maximum rate per unit that can be charged to customers for their energy use, will fall by 12.3% on the previous quarter from 1 April to 30 June 2024. For an average household paying by direct debit for dual fuel this equates to £1,690, a drop of £238 over the course of a year – saving around £20 a month. 

This will see energy prices reach their lowest level since Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine in February 2022 caused a further spike in an already turbulent wholesale energy market, driving up costs for suppliers and ultimately customers.

However, despite reaching this welcome milestone, Ofgem recognises that the cost of living remains high and many customers continue to struggle with their bills as standing charges rise and energy debt reaches a record figure of £3.1 billion.

UK households to face higher energy bills as Ofgem raises price cap

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