Lean Mobility secures ¥2.8 billion investment for urban compact EV

Lean Mobility, a Japan-Taiwan alliance company, has announced that it has received a ¥2.8 billion investment from a consortium of Taiwanese automotive-related companies to develop and launch its urban compact electric vehicle (EV), Lean3, by mid-2025.

Lean3 is a new mobility genre called RideRoid, which combines posture control robotics technology with advanced automotive driving techniques. It can accommodate two passengers, including a child seat, in a vehicle 1/3 the size of a conventional car. It also features a cabin with air conditioning and an Active Lean System that tilts the body during cornering for a stable and exhilarating driving experience.

Lean Mobility, led by CEO Akihiro Yanaka, a micro-mobility expert, is supported by a team of specialists from across industries and has built strong relationships with partner companies. The company expects to produce over 50,000 units of Lean3 within five years and expand into Japan and European markets, aiming to capture the potential demand for urban mobility that motorcycles and automobiles have not been able to satisfy.

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