Feedback Plc opens opportunity in UK private healthcare with Bleepa-CareLocker

LONDON, UK: Feedback plc (AIM: FDBK), the clinical infrastructure specialist, announces that radiology specialist Medical Imaging Partnership (“MIP”) has agreed to pilot Bleepa-CareLocker, in order to deliver multiple clinical pathways to its customers in the UK private healthcare sector.

The agreement to pilot, enables both parties to evaluate how a pathway that enables a ‘straight to diagnostic’ stage followed by an ‘asynchronous MDT’ review, can translate from the NHS model and deliver impact within private healthcare journeys.

The pilot will formally commence on a paid basis after an initial evaluation and planning period. It is anticipated that Bleepa will host a number of different diagnostic-led clinical pathways, starting initially with a novel direct access prostate screening service, pioneered by MIP, with further pathways across cardiac and Women’s Health services to be onboarded later in the year.

Bleepa-CareLocker has been selected by MIP as its preferred digital partner based on its requirements to view clinical results data securely and remotely, to conduct asynchronous remote multidisciplinary team (“MDTs”) meetings and to communicate results across provider sites, all through a single platform. It is anticipated that the pilot will also evaluate the possibility of patient direct access to results through Feedback’s CareLocker application.

Patient volumes and associated revenue are expected to be modest in the early stages, post the evaluation and planning phase, however, management believes that the importance of this pilot cannot be understated. The fact that this is a direct translation of the NHS pathway work into the UK private healthcare sector highlights the important role that the private sector can play in supporting the NHS recovery and those patients affected by long waiting lists. It also demonstrates the huge versatility of the Bleepa-CareLocker platform to deliver care across sectors and is Feedback’s first step towards opening a business line in the UK private sector.

Dr Tom Oakley, CEO Feedback plc said: “This exciting programme is the culmination of years of pathway work alongside UK clinicians. In Bleepa-CareLocker, we have developed a platform that delivers an unparalleled value proposition to clinical service partners, both in the NHS and now in the private sector. This is the first time that we have translated our NHS model into the private sector and we are excited to see the impact this could have for private patients and MIP as our clinical service partner and customer. We hope to use this pilot to open our opportunity in the UK private healthcare market, which was expected to reach £11 billion in 2023.”

Steve Bird, CEO of Medical Imaging Partners said: “MIP is developing new models of diagnostic services in the independent diagnostic sector, including expanding its range of cancer and cardiac health checks and diagnostic tests. The company is also delivering a compelling range of direct-to-consumer diagnostic services that can offer patients choice and fast access at crucial times in their health and wellness journey. We see Bleepa-CareLocker as the ideal platform for us to help support these services and we were impressed by the capabilities and impact delivered in the NHS CDC pilots undertaken recently and look forward to seeing how this platform can help us to deliver our own pathways in the independent sector.”

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