GeologicAI acquires Resource Modeling Solutions

GeologicAI, a leading innovator in mining technology, has announced the acquisition of Resource Modeling Solutions (RMS), a pioneer in advanced geostatistical modeling of subsurface deposits. This strategic move will enhance GeologicAI’s growth and innovation in the mining sector.

GeologicAI office

RMS brings a wealth of cutting-edge technology and a team of talented professionals that align with GeologicAI’s mission and values. This partnership will broaden GeologicAI’s product and service offerings and create new opportunities for both organizations.

This strategic acquisition will benefit the industry and the community, as it will foster collaboration, innovation, and knowledge-sharing. The combined expertise of both organizations will lead to the development of advanced solutions that will shape the future of resource discovery and development, from Rock Scan to Mine Plan.

Earlier this year, GeologicAI received major investment from climate technology fund Breakthrough Energy Ventures and Export Development Canada Ventures. This transformational investment allows GeologicAI to acquire and develop leading technologies and support global scaling of its fleet of AI-powered robot geologists, accelerating resource exploration and extraction to meet our planet’s increasing demand for critical minerals.

“We are thrilled to welcome RMS to the GeologicAI family,” said GeologicAI founder and CEO Grant Sanden. “This integration strengthens our position in the industry and enhances our ability to deliver groundbreaking end-to-end technology solutions to our clients. It’s a win-win for all parties involved. We are focused on continuing to expand our capabilities by integrating new and emerging technologies.”

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