CRKD launches the NEO S, a wireless controller for gamers and collectors

CRKD launches the NEO S, a wireless controller for gamers and collectors

CRKD, a company that specializes in gaming accessories, has announced the launch of its latest product: the NEO S Wireless Collectible Controller. The NEO S is a Bluetooth-enabled controller that works with various platforms, such as Nintendo Switch, PC, mobile devices, and Smart TVs. It also features nine different designs, three of which are Special Editions created by the renowned controller artist POPeART.

The NEO S is not only a stylish controller, but also a powerful one. It has Hall Effect Thumbsticks and Hall Sensor Triggers that allow users to adjust the sensitivity and responsiveness of their inputs. It also has Remappable Back Buttons and a quick-swap system for Stick Tops, giving users more options to customize their controller. Moreover, the NEO S supports motion control for Switch games, adjustable vibration, and a “No Deadzone” mode that eliminates any lag or drift.

The NEO S is currently available for pre-order on for $49.99, and will start shipping in April 2024. As a bonus, the NEO S comes with the CRKD True Collection System App, which lets users register their controllers, access product details, and personalize settings. The app also connects users with other collectors and gamers, creating a community around the NEO S.

The NEO S is a controller that combines the best of both worlds: retro and modern, functional and artistic, digital and physical. It is a must-have for gamers who want to enjoy their games with style and performance.

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