Ava Risk Group and Telstra Group sign a deal to use fibre sensing technology

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Ava Risk Group Limited (ASX: AVA) has announced a Telstra Supply Agreement (TSA) with Telstra Group, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. The TSA is the result of 10 months of collaboration and product trials, which showed the versatility and performance of Ava Risk Group’s fibre sensing technology.

The technology can be applied to Telstra’s existing fibre network to detect and classify events, as well as to protect the network from damage. The deal opens up a new market for Ava Risk Group in the telecommunications sector, which has a huge global demand.

Ava Risk Group CEO, Mal Maginnis commented: “Signing a preferred supplier agreement with Telstra is a very significant milestone for Ava Risk Group. It underscores the strength of our market-leading solutions and is testament to our commitment to innovation to meet the evolving needs of our global client base.

It clearly demonstrates that our sensing technology, which has evolved from security solutions, can be deployed to multiple applications. This collaboration cements our position as a trusted supplier, and we look forward to working extensively with Telstra.”

“With more than 5 billion kilometres of fibre optic cable deployed globally (as at 2022), the agreement with Telstra Group represents the entry into a large and attractive market vertical for Ava Risk Group’s technology.”.

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