dlivrd and Incentivio partner to offer a seamless catering delivery solution for restaurants

dlivrd and Incentivio have joined forces to offer a comprehensive catering delivery solution for restaurant brands. The partnership integrates dlivrd’s last-mile delivery capabilities with Incentivio’s digital guest engagement tools, enabling restaurants to leverage their own guest data and increase the lifetime value of their guests.

The solution allows guests to place catering orders through the restaurant’s mobile app or online ordering, powered by Incentivio. The integration then pushes a notification to dlivrd to fulfill the order and prep for delivery.

Chris Heffernan, Founder & CEO of dlivrd, said: “We are thrilled to partner with Incentivio to bring a holistic solution to businesses in the catering space. We aim to simplify the catering delivery process and empower businesses to thrive.”

Arun Kumar, Director of Partnerships at Incentivio, said: “We are excited about this integration as it enhances our ability to service our clients that are focused on catering. The demand for catering services is becoming more prevalent and also serves as a great revenue generator for operators. As part of our guest engagement platform, this is another area for us to enhance the experience for both operators and consumers.”

dlivrd is a leading last-mile delivery provider that offers reliable, fast, and affordable delivery services for businesses of all sizes. Incentivio is a digital guest engagement platform that helps restaurants create personalized and engaging digital experiences for their guests, using data and analytics. Together, they offer a seamless catering and ordering delivery experience for restaurant brands and their guests.

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