A New Way to Buy and Sell Franchises

A new online platform,, aims to revolutionize the franchising industry by using artificial intelligence to match buyers and sellers of franchises. The platform, founded by franchise expert Sarah Moudry, offers a low-cost, transparent, and efficient alternative to traditional brokers and sales representatives. allows sellers to list their franchises for a yearly fee of $333, and provides them with cost-effective advertising, lead generation, and direct connection to buyers. Buyers can access pre-vetted franchises and resale opportunities for free, and use AI-matching technology to find the best fit for their budget and preferences.

Moudry, who has 20 years of experience in the franchise industry, said she created to address the pain points and high fees associated with buying and selling franchises. She also said she wanted to take advantage of the upcoming transfer of wealth as baby boomers sell their businesses.

“ is the new silver-bullet for franchise sales and marketing,” Moudry said. “It is the future of franchising.”

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