Perfmatters: The Best Speed Optimization Plugin for WordPress

Speed optimization is crucial for WordPress websites. It not only improves the visitor experience but also helps your website’s search engine ranking. Many plugins out there claim to optimize your website. But there is one that has proven to make your website faster – Perfmatters.

Perfmatters is a lightweight WordPress plugin that cleans up the junk from your website and makes it faster. There are other settings that you can manage to optimize your website including CSS and Javascript. In short, Perfmatters has multiple settings to speed up your website.

In this article, I will give you a general overview of Perfmatters and explain why it is the best speed optimization plugin for WordPress. Read till the end to find an exclusive coupon code for a 20% discount on Perfmatters!

About Perfmatters

Perfmatters is a performance optimization plugin designed to speed up WordPress websites specifically. It is easy to set up and its settings can be adjusted in a few clicks. The toggle option is my favorite feature as it allows you to enable/disable several crucial settings that determine the speed of your website.

The plugin also comes with many other features and functionalities. You can play with the scripts and other code available on your website. Removing unused code will take you all but a few clicks. And the result? Your website will be at least 30% faster.

To conclude, Perfmatters offers many solutions that will optimize your website for better speeds. Its pricing plans are quite affordable as well. Keep reading to learn more about what makes Perfmatters so effective and its prices.

What Makes Perfmatters the Best Speed Optimization Plugin?

The obvious question that is in the mind of many website owners is what makes Perfmatters so effective? What are the things that make Perfmatters the BEST speed optimization plugin for WordPress? Let me explain the answer to you by discussing its key features.

Simple Dashboard

A simple dashboard allows all types of website owners to interact with the settings of Perfmatters and make changes that will improve the website. Its dashboard can be easily navigated and major settings are accessible with only a few clicks.

Anyone using the Perfmatters plugin will like its toggle option feature. Additionally, the simple dashboard also helps you make changes to the scripts quite easily. In short, non-techies can use the plugin to optimize their website.

Speed Optimization

The plugin is specifically designed to optimize your website for speed. Unlike caching plugins, Perfmatters lets you change settings that directly result in faster speeds. Verified customers have reported a 10-12% faster loading speed after only enabling some of the toggle options.

After the full optimization and complete setting adjustments, your website can become about 33% faster than before. No other caching plugins can make such huge improvements by only turning on/off simple settings of a website.


As Perfmatters is lightweight, it won’t help you with the caching stuff on your website. This is why you will need to install separate plugins for that. Hence, the compatibility of this plugin allows your website to be optimized by multiple plugins without any hassle.

Up to 6 integrations can be made with the Perfmatters plugin without affecting your website in any way whatsoever. This openness allows your website to be optimized in a much better manner. And consequently, the results from it include huge improvements in speeds.

Regular Updates & Maintenance

Perfmatters is taken good care of by its management. It gets updated frequently with the latest tech and improvements. These updates also reflect customer opinions and requests. But above all, they fix issues that occur with websites that use the plugin.

To summarise, Perfmatters provides regular updates to keep the plugin alive and healthy. Its performance only gets better and better with these updates.

Experienced Support

The Perfmatters customer support team has over 20 years of experience in WordPress-related issues. This makes them one of the most capable groups to help you solve your plugin and other issues. The team is available 24/7 to help you figure out all your problems.

You can reach out to the Perfmatters support team via many channels including Email and tickets. Overall, it’s a great way to get the most out of this WordPress plugin.

Affordable Pricing Plans


Perfmatters offers three simple pricing plans that are priced in the most customer-friendly manner possible.  Let me share a general overview of these plans.

Personal: With a single site license, you can purchase the Personal pricing plan for $24.95 a year. Using the code “GRABHOSTS” will get you a handy 20% discount on this plan.

Business: The Business plan license includes up to 3 websites and it will cost you up to $24.95 annually. You will get the same 20% discount by using our exclusive coupon code.

Unlimited: The last Perfmatters pricing plan includes a license that lets you install the plugin on unlimited websites. You have to pay $124.95 a year to purchase it. And yes, the above discount code is valid for this one too.

Answer to the question: Earlier, I asked what makes Perfmtters the best optimization plugin. The answer to this question is its broad features. Each feature is designed to do one and one thing – optimize the website for speed. In addition, the affordable pricing plans make it an even more interesting choice.

Final Thoughts

Perfmatters is a popular choice for website owners and businesses to improve the speeds of their websites. The plugin comes with all the necessary features that will optimize a website for lightning-fast performance.

I discussed its key features and pricing plans that make this plugin one of the best in the business. It comes with many such features and its plans are priced quite reasonably.

You can also find an exclusive coupon for a 20% discount on its pricing plans in this article. I hope you will make the right decision after reading this 2024-updated article on Perfmatters!

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