AI assistant expands its leadership team and product offerings, the AI assistant that helps you with various tasks online, has announced two new additions to its executive team and plans to hire more talent as it celebrates a year of rapid growth and product innovation.

The company, founded by AI research scientists Richard Socher and Bryan McCann, has appointed Jason Egnal as its first Chief Marketing Officer and Saurabh Sharma as its Vice President of Product and Design.

Egnal brings over 25 years of experience in launching and marketing products across various domains, while Sharma has a strong background in product management and AI, having worked at Google and OpenSea. has also achieved several milestones in the past 12 months, including launching the world’s first consumer-facing LLM connected to the web, with citations, to provide more accurate and trustworthy answers to users’ queries.

The company also transitioned from a search engine to a generative AI assistant that can assist users with writing essays, debugging code, solving physics problems, and creating digital art.

Additionally, released a self-serve API that allows other LLM-based chatbots to access real-time web search and improve their accuracy.

“This year has been exciting and memorable for the team. In just under a year, we’ve completely transformed how people find information online and have continued to see record traffic and query volume as an AI assistant. We also took our popular consumer-facing LLM with web access and created an API with these capabilities so every chatbot and LLM can have the means to retrieve real-time information through web search,” said Richard Socher, founder and CEO of

“I’m even more excited about what’s ahead with Jason and Saurabh on board to fuel our growth and innovation in both the consumer and enterprise domains.” is an AI assistant that helps you with searching, writing essays, debugging code, solving physics problems, and creating digital art. pioneered many solutions for Large Language Model (LLM) challenges, especially around trust and accuracy. notably introduced the first consumer-facing LLM with access to the internet to provide up-to-date answers and include citations and recently debuted an AI agent that executes code to provide the most accurate responses to math and science questions.’s API further enables other LLM-based chatbots to improve their accuracy with real-time web access. is available via Chrome web extensions, iOS and Android mobile apps, and WhatsApp.

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