Lunovus LLC acquires Diamond Studios to boost its eyecare software solutions

BIRMINGHAM: Lunovus LLC, a physician-owned company that specializes in eyecare software and supplements, has announced the acquisition of Diamond Studios, a leading software development and media firm.

The deal aims to strengthen Lunovus’ software portfolio and enhance its support for eyecare practices.

Diamond Studios has been a key partner of Lunovus for the past five years, developing the Lunovus Doc2Home platform.

Doc2Home is a unique system that helps doctors and practices comply with over-the-counter (OTC) recommendations by ensuring timely home delivery of products to patients.

Doc2Home is particularly useful for eyecare providers treating conditions such as macular degeneration, dry eye, blepharitis, and diabetes.

Don Johnson, the president of Lunovus, said that the acquisition would allow Lunovus to accelerate its innovation and provide critical solutions to more eyecare providers. “A deeper partnership with Diamond Studios allows us to do that,” he said.

Joe Miele, the head of Diamond Studios, said that the acquisition was an exciting opportunity to expand Diamond Studios’ services and products, while aligning with Lunovus’ mission.

“This comes at an ideal juncture, following 41 years of dedicated service and excellence. We have a golden opportunity to propel Diamond Studios,” he said.

Lunovus and Diamond Studios share a common vision of innovation, poised to deliver top-tier solutions in the dynamic fields of software development and media.

Lunovus is a physician-owned company that has been serving the eyecare industry for nearly 20 years, offering expertise in medical software and eye care supplementation. Lunovus helps eyecare providers recapture lost revenue from OTC patient treatment plans and track patient compliance, improving patient outcomes.

Diamond Studios is a video production and software development firm that has been operating for 41 years, known for its outstanding creativity and technical acumen. Diamond Studios provides top-quality video and software solutions to a diverse clientele across the United States.

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