Microsoft Unleashes Windows 11’s 2023 Update with Exciting New Features

Microsoft Unleashes Windows 11's 2023 Update with Exciting New Features

Just days after unveiling the Moment 4 Update for Windows 11, packed with a plethora of enhancements for Windows 11 version 22H2, Microsoft has rolled out the highly anticipated Windows 11 2023 Update (also known as Windows 11 version 23H2).

What makes this update particularly special is that it shares the same code base and servicing branch as Windows 11, version 22H2, making for a seamless delivery process via Windows Update. Microsoft aims to ensure a swift installation, and this update will follow the familiar monthly update process.

But what’s the difference between Windows 11 22H2 Moment 4 Update and Windows 11 Version 23H2?

Interestingly, most of the new features of Windows 11 version 23H2 will be accessible to Windows 11 users through the Moment 4 Update for Windows 11 version 22H2. This preview update, available via KB5031455, can be installed by enabling the option “Get the latest updates as soon as they are available” in Windows Update settings.

The Moment 4 update is set to be delivered to all Windows 11 users on November’s “Patch Tuesday” on November 14. Over the following weeks, another, smaller update will follow, elevating the version number from Windows 11 version 22H2 to Windows 11 version 23H2 while introducing additional features.

As for when the 2023 Update will reach all Windows 11 users worldwide, it’s expected to take several weeks, if not months, for full deployment. OEM manufacturers will be among the first to receive the new Windows 11 version, enabling them to install it on the PCs and laptops they produce.

However, Microsoft will only roll out the 23H2 update to systems that are fully compatible with the new or altered features. If any hardware drivers or installed applications necessitate adjustments from manufacturers, the update will only be delivered once these issues are resolved.

Now, let’s explore what’s new in Windows 11’s 2023 Update. In addition to the myriad Moment 4 features, Windows 11 version 23H2 introduces several enhancements. Notably, “Microsoft Teams (free)” will replace “Chat” on the taskbar.

In the Start menu’s “All Apps” section, all Windows 11 system components are now labeled as “System.”

Furthermore, this update includes a helpful organizational tweak. In the “Settings” menu under “Apps” and “Installed Apps,” only applications and games installed by the user will be displayed. Components required by Windows 11 will be categorized separately under “Settings,” “System,” and “System Components.”

The Moment 4 update, constituting the majority of Windows 11’s 2023 Update, is the most extensive update since Windows 11’s initial release.

It encompasses a wide range of improvements
and innovations. These enhancements cover various aspects, including the Start
Menu, Taskbar, File Explorer, Security, and Settings and Bluetooth.

Notable highlights encompass native support
for “rar,” “7z,” and “tar” pack formats,

a revamped volume mixer accessed via
“Ctrl + Windows key + V,”

the introduction of “Catalogues” in
the file explorer,

a new Windows Backup app,

support for passkeys to replace passwords,

extended phishing protection,

the ability to hide the time display in the
bottom right-hand corner,

a redesigned start page for
“Settings,” dynamic lighting control for devices like mice and
keyboards, and much more.

Microsoft’s Windows 11 2023 Update offers a comprehensive set of features and improvements that promise to enhance the overall user experience. Whether you’re an early adopter or waiting for the update to reach your device, Windows 11 users have exciting changes to look forward to.

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