Samsung Galaxy S24 to be the smartest AI phone ever: latest leaks suggest

Samsung Galaxy S24 series: The ultimate AI phones coming soon

Samsung Galaxy S24 to be the smartest AI phone ever

Samsung is preparing to launch its next-generation flagship phones, the Galaxy S24 series, in early 2024. According to some leaked information, the company is aiming to make these devices the most intelligent AI phones ever, surpassing the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro that were released in late 2023.

The Galaxy S24 series will consist of three models: the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus, and Galaxy S24 Ultra. All of them will feature a variety of AI capabilities, such as text-to-image generation, speech-to-text enhancement, and more. These features will enable the users to do amazing things with their phones, such as creating images from text descriptions, transcribing voice notes with high accuracy, and more.

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One of the sources that spoke to SamMobile said that Samsung will be “going all in with artificial intelligence” on its upcoming flagships. The source also said that Samsung wants to make these handsets “the smartest AI phones ever”. This suggests that Samsung’s engineers have seen what Google has done with the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, and are wanting to go even further.

The Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are already packed with AI features, such as noise cancellation on videos, composite photo creation, and more. You can read our Google Pixel 8 review to find out more about how much AI is integrated into these phones. For example, AI tech can remove background noise on videos, or help you create composite photos in which all of your family members are smiling at the same time.

We don’t get much detail about what Samsung is planning, but there are mentions of text-to-image generative AI (something you can do with Dall-E, for example), and an upgrade for the speech-to-text engine offered on the phones. These features could be very useful for creative and professional purposes, such as making illustrations, presentations, documents, and more.

Samsung is also said to be reviving its Bixby assistant, which has been overshadowed by Google Assistant and Google Bard in recent years. The company might want to showcase Bixby’s AI skills on the Galaxy S24 phones, and challenge Google’s dominance in this area. Bixby could offer more personalized and contextual services to the users, such as smart recommendations, reminders, and more.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra, in particular, might also get a design change on the bottom speaker, which will be a long slit instead of holes. This could be a nod to the Galaxy S9 from 2018, which had a similar speaker design. The speaker change could improve the sound quality and volume of the phone.

The Galaxy S24 series is expected to launch in January 2024, slightly earlier than usual. The lineup will include the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus, and Galaxy S24 Ultra models. The phones will likely come with a new processor, a new camera system, a new display technology, and more.

The Galaxy S24 series could be the ultimate AI phones that Samsung fans have been waiting for. We will keep you updated with more information as it becomes available.

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