How Samsung is bringing Micro LED screens to smartwatches and signage displays

Samsung, the leader in OLED displays for various devices, is now developing a new display technology: Micro LED. The company has already launched Micro LED TVs that combine the advantages of OLEDs and LCDs. Now, Samsung is looking to use Micro LED panels for smartwatches and signage displays as well.

Samsung Electronics announced today that it is exploring the possibility of using Micro LED screens for future smartwatches and signage displays, according to a press release from Samsung Korea. There is also a rumor that Samsung is working on a ‘Galaxy Watch Ultra’ model with a Micro LED screen, similar to the rumored Apple Watch Ultra with the same display technology.

Micro LED screens are made of LED elements that are smaller than 50µm, which is only a tenth of the size of the LED element used in typical 100-inch high-resolution TVs or digital signage displays. Moreover, the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) elements in Micro LED screens are made of inorganic materials, so they do not have the burn-in problem (like OLEDs), and they can maintain high brightness and image quality for more than 100,000 hours.

Micro LED screens offer the best of both worlds: OLED-like deep blacks and infinite contrast ratio, and LCD-like (or even higher) brightness without pixel burn-in. You can read more about Micro LED screens and watch our hands-on video with a 140-inch Samsung Micro LED TV in our article. This makes Micro LED screens an ideal display technology for smartwatches with excellent picture quality.

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