Karen Frøsig to retire as Sydbank CEO in 2024

Sydbank has announced that its CEO, Karen Frøsig, will step down from her position in 2024. Karen Frøsig joined Sydbank in 1994 as Chief Legal Adviser and became a member of the Group Executive Management in 2008. She has been the CEO of Sydbank since 2010.

The Board of Directors has already found a successor for Karen Frøsig, who will join Sydbank as Deputy Group Chief Executive on 1 April 2024. The new CEO will take over the role after a transition period until 31 July 2024, when Karen Frøsig will retire.

Board Chairman Lars Mikkelgaard-Jensen praised Karen Frøsig for her leadership and achievements during her tenure. He said that Karen Frøsig had made Sydbank a strong and well-performing bank in Denmark. He thanked her for her excellent and professional work for the Bank.

The name of the new CEO will be revealed later.

The other members of the Group Executive Management, Deputy Group Chief Executive Bjarne Larsen and Deputy Group Chief Executive Jørn Adam Møller, will remain in their roles.

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