Aurrigo wins grant for autonomous public transport project in Europe

LONDON, UK: Aurrigo International plc, a UK-based transport technology company, has received a €275,820 grant from the European Institute of Innovation and Technology to participate in the Living Lab for Autonomous Public Transport Project (LivingLAPT).

The project will test Aurrigo’s Auto-Shuttle, a self-driving passenger vehicle, in Prague, Brno and Milton Keynes, starting from 19 September. The vehicle will initially have a safety driver on board, but will gradually move towards remote supervision.

The project aims to build trust and acceptance of autonomous driving among citizens, cities, transport operators, industry and policy makers. It will also explore how to integrate the vehicle with trip planning applications.

The project partners include University College London, which will provide academic support and help develop a safety and regulatory framework for autonomous public transport.

David Keene, CEO of Aurrigo, said the project was an exciting opportunity to showcase the capabilities of their autonomous technology in different environments. Bani Anvari, Professor of Intelligent Mobility at University College London, said the project was important to overcome the current barriers to adoption of driverless shuttle vehicles.

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