Quadient acquires Daylight Automation to boost its intelligent forms offering

PARIS, FRANCE: Quadient, a leader in digital and physical customer communication solutions, has announced the acquisition of Daylight Automation, a cloud-based low-code platform that enables organizations to create and deliver personalized digital solutions.

Daylight Automation, formerly known as FormHero, has a strong presence in the banking and insurance sectors, with three major financial institutions in Canada as its clients.

The acquisition follows a successful partnership between Quadient and Daylight Automation since 2022, which resulted in the introduction of Quadient Inspire iForms, a new intelligent forms capability added to Quadient’s Customer Communication Management (CCM) solution Quadient Inspire.

Quadient Inspire iForms allows companies to collect data and streamline customer interactions through more robust interactive capabilities, such as data privacy, personalization, and intelligent communications.

According to Marci Maddox, Research Vice President Digital Experience Strategies at IDC, “Quadient’s acquisition of Daylight Automation will set them on a path to delivering intelligent forms and trusted communications needed for digital business today.” She added that “gathering data and streamlining customer interactions must go beyond simple web forms.”

Quadient’s CEO Geoffrey Godet said that the addition of Inspire iForms to their CCM solution will give them an additional competitive edge and help their customers create exceptional customer experiences. He also said that their partnership with Daylight has proven that their combined capabilities help drive sales, enhance customer satisfaction, and increase customer loyalty at scale within large enterprises. He expressed his excitement about deepening their collaboration and leveraging this technology across all of their solutions.

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