Sivers Wireless secures $5 million production order from frominent SATCOM client

STOCKHOLM: Sivers Wireless, a subsidiary of Sivers Semiconductors AB, has achieved a significant milestone by securing a substantial production order valued at $5 million (approximately 55 million SEK) from a leading European SATCOM (Satellite Communications) customer.

This order pertains to their cutting-edge beamforming integrated circuits (BFIC) and is poised to have a substantial impact on Sivers’ financial performance in the coming quarters.

The BFICs, heralded for their remarkable capabilities in output power, noise performance, efficiency, and multi-beam functionality, are currently in full-scale production. This achievement marks a remarkable progression for Sivers Wireless, as it signifies the second substantial production order received by the company. The inaugural order, amounting to roughly $1.5 million, was officially announced on October 21, 2022, effectively initiating the customer’s production ramp.

Anders Storm, the CEO of Sivers Semiconductors, underscored the significance of this milestone for the company. “This is a very significant event for Sivers, and it marks the start of increased product sales to this customer. It is exciting to see this longstanding strategic partner of ours ramp even further into volume production,” Storm commented. He emphasized the synergy between Sivers’ BFIC technology and the innovative SATCOM terminal concepts pioneered by the customer, which has led to notable customer traction. Storm anticipates that this production order will cater to the customer’s requirements until early 2024, setting the stage for even more substantial orders in the subsequent years.

The strategic partnership that laid the foundation for these advanced BFICs was initiated under a contract secured by MixComm in Q4 2020, a company that is now an integral part of Sivers Wireless. This partnership has culminated in the development of state-of-the-art BFICs that are setting new benchmarks in SATCOM technology.

The production order, with deliveries scheduled between the fourth quarter of 2023 and the first quarter of 2024, is poised to generate substantial revenue for Sivers Wireless during the same period. This accomplishment underscores Sivers Wireless’ position as a key player in the evolving landscape of wireless communication technologies and solidifies its reputation as an innovative provider of cutting-edge solutions in the SATCOM domain.

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