Hans Dahlgren takes the helm as CEO of Humana Assistans

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN: Humana AB, a prominent player in the Swedish healthcare sector, has announced the appointment of Hans Dahlgren as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Humana Assistans.

Effective today, August 21, 2023, Dahlgren steps into this pivotal role, succeeding the esteemed Andreas Westlund who leaves after a commendable fifteen-year tenure.

Hans Dahlgren’s career trajectory has been marked by a rich tapestry of experiences in the Swedish social and political landscape, particularly within the realms of health and social care. Notably, his recent position as the Director of Quality, Communications, and Development at Humana speaks volumes of his capability to lead the organization to new heights. His seasoned background includes leadership roles in institutions such as the Swedish Parliament, Praktikertjänst, Vårdföretagarna, Team Olivia, and the Swedish Medical Association.

Commenting on this strategic appointment, Humana’s President and CEO, Johanna Rastad, expressed her confidence in Dahlgren’s capacity to not only steer Humana Assistans but also to guide the trajectory of personal assistance in Sweden as a whole. She commended his proficiency in overseeing large-scale results-driven operations and highlighted his extensive network and profound industry insights. Rastad envisions Dahlgren’s leadership as instrumental in aligning with the original aspirations of the LSS reform, aimed at enhancing the industry.

“It is a privilege to become part of the team at Humana Assistans. It is Sweden’s largest provider of personal assistance that already today has a large and important impact on many people’s everyday lives,” said Hans Dahlgren. He further expressed his enthusiasm for the opportunity to contribute to a better quality of life for all individuals entitled to personal assistance. Dahlgren also expressed his eagerness to play a more significant role in the societal discourse concerning the holistic development of the LSS domain.

Dahlgren’s new role begins today, August 21, 2023, and will see him remain an integral member of Humana’s Group Executive Management. He will continue to oversee certain domains of his prior responsibilities, including communications and real estate.

Stepping down from his CEO position after five years at the helm, Andreas Westlund played an instrumental role during a challenging period for Humana Assistans. His leadership and expertise, both internally and externally, were acknowledged as pivotal by Johanna Rastad. In recognition of his significant contributions, Westlund will be transitioning into a new Group-wide role within the organization.

Hans Dahlgren’s ascent to the CEO position at Humana Assistans signals an era of transformation and growth for the organization, further solidifying its standing as a key influencer in the Swedish healthcare landscape. With his multifaceted experience and unwavering commitment, Dahlgren is poised to lead Humana Assistans towards a future of continued success.

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