Leaked Marketing Images Unveil Exciting Insights about Lenovo’s Upcoming Gaming Handheld, the Legion Go

Recent leaks of marketing images have provided fresh details about Lenovo’s highly anticipated gaming handheld PC, the Legion Go. The images shed light on the device’s design and features, drawing comparisons to the Nintendo Switch OLED model and ASUS ROG Ally, while revealing some distinctive attributes of its own.

Lenovo's Upcoming Gaming Handheld, the Legion Go

Design and Features

The leaked images showcase a design that closely resembles the Nintendo Switch OLED model, complete with slimmer bezels than its counterpart, the ASUS ROG Ally. One notable aspect is the inclusion of detachable controllers, reminiscent of the Switch’s signature feature.

A standout feature of the Legion Go is its generous 8-inch display, setting it apart from competitors like the Steam Deck and ROG Ally, both of which boast 7-inch screens. Moreover, reports suggest that the Legion Go will run on Windows 11, thereby enabling it to access and play a wide array of PC games, contingent on its internal specifications.

Performance and Specifications

The Legion Go’s powerhouse is expected to be powered by AMD’s latest Ryzen Z1 processors, akin to the ROG Ally. Enthusiasts can likely anticipate a choice between the standard Ryzen Z1 and the more potent Ryzen Z1 Extreme variants. This translates to a potential offering of up to 8 CPU cores and an impressive 12-core RDNA 3 integrated GPU.

Additional features include removable M.2 SSD storage, a built-in trackpad, and supplementary controller buttons marked as M1-M3 and Y1-Y3. The leaked images also reveal that the right controller boasts a touchpad and rear wheel, while the left controller features an analog stick and buttons.

A Glimpse into the Future: Legion Glasses

Further fueling excitement, rumors suggest that Lenovo is in the process of developing Legion Glasses, an augmented reality (AR) accessory designed to complement the Legion Go. These AR glasses are anticipated to offer a dedicated display for on-the-go use. Initial impressions point towards their similarity to the ThinkReality A3 model, which was introduced two years ago.

Upcoming Reveal and Release

Although an official announcement and release details for the Legion Go remain undisclosed, the leak of marketing images suggests that the grand unveiling of this gaming handheld might be right around the corner. Industry insiders speculate that the Legion Go could potentially make its debut at IFA 2023 this September, with a subsequent launch in the fourth quarter of 2023. If these projections prove accurate, eager gamers might have their hands on the Legion Go just in time for the holiday season, offering an exciting new way to enjoy their favorite games on the go.

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