Portwest acquires Canadian company IFR Workwear

Mayo-based multinational workwear, safety footwear, and PPE provider Portwest has announced its latest acquisition of Canadian company IFR Workwear, a renowned brand specializing in premium flame-resistant (FR) products.

The acquisition aligns with Portwest’s strategy of strengthening its product portfolio, accessing new markets, and expanding its global presence.

Established in 2005 by Reg Radford and Erin Buckland, IFR Workwear has emerged as a leading brand in Canada for high-quality FR products. The company operates from Red Deer in Alberta, with a factory in Mexico, two warehouses in the USA and Canada, and approximately 250 employees.

Harry Hughes, Director of Portwest, emphasized the significance of the acquisition: “IFR Workwear is another strategic addition to Portwest’s growing portfolio of products and technologies, allowing us to enter new markets by acquiring established players in specific product ranges. As we continue our commitment to global growth, we actively seek out new opportunities for expansion.”

The acquisition of IFR Workwear presents mutual benefits for both companies. Portwest will leverage its global presence to enhance the market reach of IFR Workwear, while IFR Workwear’s existing foothold in Canada and production facility in Mexico will provide strategic advantages for Portwest.

Portwest’s growth strategy revolves around investing in innovative and leading companies in the workwear and safety sector. Prior to the acquisition of IFR Workwear, Portwest successfully acquired two Australian workwear companies and made investments in Base Protection, a premium Italian footwear brand. These strategic moves reinforce Portwest’s value proposition to its customers and contribute to its continued growth trajectory.

The acquisition of IFR Workwear marks another milestone for Portwest as it expands its presence in North America and solidifies its position as a global leader in workwear, safety footwear, and PPE solutions.

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