ECS Botanics Holdings launches Investor Hub

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: ECS Botanics Holdings, a leading medicinal cannabis company, announced the launch of its new Investor Hub.

The ECS Botanics Investor Hub is a platform specifically designed for investors to gain a deeper understanding of ECS Botanics and its activities. Apart from sharing ASX announcements, ECS Botanics will regularly upload supplementary content to the Investor Hub. This additional material will include presentations, videos, and media coverage, providing investors with more resources to comprehend the company’s operations.

To ensure investors are well-informed and have access to the latest news, as well as additional investor-related resources, we strongly encourage investors to sign up for the ECS Botanics Investor Hub. By joining, investors can also engage with ECS through the CAA function, allowing them to post questions and provide feedback.

Nan Maree Schoerie, the Managing Director commented, “Being a publicly listed company, we wish to prioritise effective communication with all of our shareholders, regardless of their scale of investment. The ECS Botanics Investor Hub serves as a dedicated platform for our shareholders to effortlessly engage with us. It not only grants access to our latest announcements and news but also provides a direct means of interaction.”

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