Export Council of Australia partners with TradeWindow to boost digital trade solutions

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AUCKLAND, NZ: The Export Council of Australia (ECA), the peak body for exporters in Australia, has agreed to a partnership with TradeWindow, a New Zealand-based software company that provides digital solutions for trade.

TradeWindow’s CEO AJ Smith sees an opportunity for TradeWindow and ECA to set the pace for the uptake of digital solutions for trade by Australia’s huge export sector, which includes small, medium, and large enterprises across various industries and markets.

“We are delighted to partner with the Export Council of Australia. As the peak body for exporters, our partnership with ECA will provide us with further access into many more of the main players in Australia’s international trade ecosystem and enable more exporters to enjoy the positive disruptive experience of using digital solutions,” says Mr Smith.

ECA’s CEO Arnold Jorge believes that the ECA and TradeWindow are strongly aligned on the need to further develop capability and capacity in the exporting sector and is excited to see collaboration beyond the existing manual solutions.

“Our new partnership with TradeWindow is part of ECA’s ongoing drive to provide the Australian trading ecosystem with access to the most up-to-date technologies and global best practices,” says Mr Jorge.

TradeWindow offers a range of solutions that enable seamless transactions, better product visibility, easy shipment bookings and tracking, compliance to meet environmental, social and governance (ESG) and traceability requirements, as well as occupational safety and health standards.

Through the TradeWindow platform, multiple users with various levels of permission can access the single source of trade data required to complete their daily tasks. This single source of data not only improves productivity, connectivity and visibility but also provides increased security to protect data integrity. This builds trust which drives stronger and more valuable relationships between trade partners and customers.

ECA also welcomes TradeWindow’s active involvement in the 2023 Premier’s NSW Export Awards, and the Super Exchange: Emerging Technologies and Sustainable Trade Conference.

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