Exchange rates for GBP against major currencies on May 19, 2023

LONDON: The latest exchange rates for GBP against major currencies such as USD, EUR, JPY, AUD and more. Stay up-to-date on the latest fluctuations and trends in the GBP-exchange market.

According to

GBP-EUR                             1.1514   Pounds to Euros

GBP-USD                             1.2419   Pounds to Dollars

GBP-NZD                             1.9863   Pounds to New Zealand Dollars

GBP-AUD                            1.8686   Pounds to Australian Dollars

GBP-CAD                             1.6742   Pounds to Canadian Dollars

GBP-JPY                               171.59   Pounds to Yen

GBP-ZAR                              23.942   Pounds to South African Rands

GBP-AED                             4.5576   Pounds to Dirhams

GBP-INR                              102.70   Pounds to Rupees

GBP-TRY                              24.602   Pounds to Lira

GBP-CHF                              1.1215   Pounds to Swiss Francs

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