Microsoft announces permanent price cut for Seagate Xbox Series X/S Expansion Cards

Earlier this week, a handful of retailers were offering discounts on Seagate’s Xbox Series X/S Expansion Cards, bringing them to all-time low prices. But the good news doesn’t end there. Microsoft has now announced a permanent price cut for the Expansion Cards, making them more accessible to consumers who were previously deterred by their high prices.

As of Friday, the pricing for the Expansion Cards starts at $90 for the 512GB model. Meanwhile, the 1TB and 2TB variants are priced at $150 and $280, respectively. This represents a discount of 32 percent and 30 percent off the original prices of $220 and $280 that the 1TB and 2TB models started at previously.

It is important to note that some may still argue that Microsoft’s proprietary storage solution for the Xbox Series X and Series S is too expensive. However, a permanent price cut is a step in the right direction for the company’s ninth-generation consoles. It means that the Expansion Cards will cost less with subsequent sales, making them more competitive with the regular NVMe drives that are available for Sony’s PlayStation 5.

Moreover, there may be further price relief on the horizon. In April, Best Buy briefly listed a 1TB expansion card from Western Digital for $180, which was still more expensive than Seagate’s 1TB model. However, more competition could push prices even lower in the future.

Overall, the permanent price cut is a positive development for the gaming community, as it makes it easier for players to expand their Xbox Series X/S storage capacity without breaking the bank. With this move, Microsoft is likely to strengthen its position in the console market, while also increasing the satisfaction of its customers.

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