Google adds over 800 free channels to its Google TV app

Google adds over 800 free channels to its Google TV app

In a groundbreaking move, Google will be adding over 800 free channels to its Google TV app on the Chromecast streaming device and select TVs made by Sony, CL, Hisense, and Philips, company announced on Tuesday.

This aggregation of several existing free TV services like Fox’s Tubi, Paramount Global’s Pluto TV, and Haystack News is aimed at differentiating Google’s streaming operating interface from competitors like Roku, Apple, and Amazon.

By providing users with access to a vast selection of free channels, Google hopes to attract people who are hesitant to pay for streaming services. The integration of free channels into the “Live” tab will enable users to watch content from channels like NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX without having to pay a subscription fee.

This move is significant for Google as it seeks to increase its market share in the streaming industry. By offering free content, Google hopes to provide its users with an unparalleled streaming experience that its competitors cannot match. This may also help attract more people to the Google platform who would otherwise opt for other streaming services.

The service will launch in the US on all Google TV devices, and eligible Android TV devices will be able to access the new TV guide and free channels later this year. This move is expected to shake up the streaming industry and challenge competitors to offer similar services.

In a statement, Google’s spokesperson said, “We are excited to offer our users access to a vast selection of free channels. Our goal is to provide our users with an exceptional streaming experience that is affordable and accessible to everyone. We believe that by offering free content, we will attract more users to our platform and differentiate ourselves from our competitors.”

With this bold move, Google is set to revolutionize the streaming industry and provide users with an unprecedented level of choice and affordability.

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